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Termite colony elimination is most people’s primary reason. The Sentricon System is known to eliminate the termite colony, not just individual termites.Another big reason why homeowners prefer the Sentricon System is that it’s easy to live with. It’s a lot gentler on the home, the yard and the environment than traditional liquid chemical treatments. Plus, ongoing professional monitoring helps homeowners feel secure that termites are no longer a threat.

Maybe that’s the best reason of all. With continued service, you can actually — yes, it’s possible — forget about termites.

In all likelihood, you haven't come to this Web site for pleasure reading. Odds are, like millions of other homeowners, you fear you may have a termite problem. And, in that case, you have just made a very smart move. That's because, simply put, Termidor is the #1 termite defense in America. Termidor is the most effective and fastest at completely eliminating termite populations. Period.